stroketool is a software system for calculation and visualisation of perfusion- (PWI) and diffusion- (DWI) weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data sets in medical science. stroketool may not be used for diagnosis or patient treatment.
stroketool is developed in VC++ for Win95/98/NT. Therefore it has the Windows® "look and feel" and is easy to use.
stroketool uses optimized calculation algorithms for fast post-processing of the large PWI data sets.
stroketool works with established PWI calculation algorithms (SVD-deconvolution) for quantitative perfusion imaging which take the arterial input function (AIF) into account. (Ostergaard et al., Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 36:715-725 (1996))  (Wittsack et al., Fortschr Röntgenstr 174:742-746 (2002))

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