• Image formats: Siemens Vision (*.ima), DICOM
  • DICOM receiver (CSTORE SCP)
  • Developed in VC++ for Win95/98/NT/2K/XP
  • Optimized algorithms for fast postprocessing of image data
  • Calculation of different color coded parameter image overlays
  • Online calculation and display of subtraction images
  • Interactive online display of intensity time curves
  • Movie tool for visualization of uptake of contrast agent
  • Fast interactive navigation within the 4D MR-mammography data sets
  • Grayscale and color coded images
  • 3D visualization of orthogonal slices
  • variable printing options
  • work in progress: motion correction for dynamic MR-mammography data
  • work in progress: 3D raycasting, translucent visualization
  • Windows® "look and feel", therefore easy to use

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