• Image formats: DICOM, Siemens Vision (*.ima), Philips Intera (*.rec)
  • DICOM network support: DICOM receiver module, DICOM send module
  • Developed in VC++ for WinXP/NT/2K/Vista
  • Optimized algorithms for fast Postprocessing of image data
  • Interactive pre-processing including spatial and temporal smoothing and noise filter
  • Calculation of "trace"-DWI and ADC-maps
  • Analyzing time courses in PWI
  • Movie tool for visualization of uptake of contrast agent including export as AVI video file
  • Interactive determination of arterial input function (AIF)
  • Calculation of rCBF, rCBV, MTT, rrCBF, rrCBV, bMTT, TTP and PC
  • Normalization of complete data sets
  • Grayscale and color coded images
  • Image export: (*.raw), (*.bmp), (*.avi), (*.jpg)
  • Variable screen layout
  • Windows® "look and feel", therefore easy to use

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